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Shena Moray-Evans

Vicar of St Mark's and St Luke's

Shena was appointed Vicar in November 2021 after serving as Assistant Curate since 2018. Shena has a varied background in both secular management and youth ministry. She has worked in the  local community for the past 12 years helping people to discover their faith, their gifts/talents and their unique place in God’s creation. She enjoys seeing people flourish. She is a committed sea swimmer and has been dubbed ‘the swimming vicar.’ Her two grown up sons live in the Newcastle area and she has recently become Nanna to Baby Violet.

Revd Shena has always been a trend-setter!

Shena tells us:

"Four years ago I was ordained at York Minster alongside star wars cast who were meeting for an event - couldn’t make it up could you? I love the unexpected fun that happens to a priest!

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