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Pet Blessing Service 

pet blessing 6.jpg

Rev'd Shena blessed every pet by name, and was even more popular when she followed that up with a treat !

Pet Blessing 2.jpg

Hamish Junior is a chatty Westie, he joined in the singing, and decided that he was in charge of keeping the others in order! 

Pet Blessing 1.jpg

Trevor and Ken, the Michael Ball and Alfie Boe of  St Mark's led the community singing and kept us all in tune

Pet Blessing 3.jpg

Steady Eddie might be a puppy of this parish, but he's very experienced when it comes to looking cute and securing treats! 

Pet Blessing 5.jpg

Our companion pets come in all shapes and sizes but they are all well loved and today very well behaved! 

Pet blessing 4.jpg

The Westies thought they were seeing double!  There were 4 of them in the congregation today.

pet blessing 7.jpg

But maybe the most cuddly of them all were the guinea pigs.  Reader Margaret couldn't resist a cuddle! 

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